Accelerate Muscle Recovery in 4 Steps

Accelerate Muscle Recovery in 4 Steps

Rest, stretching or a good night’s sleep are some of the care you should take.

Accelerate Muscle Recovery in 4 Steps

No wonder there is so much talk about muscle recovery . The truth is that this is one of the most important aspects of sports practice, as it contributes to the reduction of muscle pain and physical fatigue, while increasing muscle mass and improves your physical performance in the next workouts.

We already talked about how to boost muscle recovery through feeding, for example. If you do not remember you can read our tips on what to eat before and after training and until you know which of the foods that can help you gain muscle. But muscle recovery is not just about eating. If you really want to ensure a good muscle recovery you have to reconcile with food, some essential care that will make all the difference. Well, look.




Rest is imperative for muscle recovery. If there is something you must meet is the rest time between workouts . Your muscles need at least 24 to 48 hours to recover from the stress they were subjected to during training, so it is important to take intervals between workouts to allow tissue regeneration / rebuilding. It is also thanks to these ranges that will allow the increase of muscle mass. By ignoring this recovery time and straining the muscles may not be doing the right thing, this can cause muscle injuries, when it should be encouraging the construction of the same.


A good massage can work miracles. Ideally, you should seek a specialized professional (a physiotherapist) who can show you the therapies best suited to your specific case. By massaging the muscles will activate the circulation and help the muscles to relax. Plus, massages besides potentiating muscle recovery by relieving muscle tension can still be instrumental in preventing muscle injury.


This is one of the basic rules of physical exercise. The stretches are the first step to promote muscle recovery and prevent sports injuries . You will only need a few extra minutes to do some stretching exercises, but these minutes will be essential for relaxing your muscles, relieving the pain resulting from your workout, and for improving muscle irrigation that will have a direct influence on muscle regeneration .


Which is like who says, sleep at least eight hours a night. A good night’s sleep is essential for good muscle recovery. Because? Simple. Because during sleep the body spends less energy and regeneration of muscle tissue takes place. In addition, it is also during sleep that the muscle growth hormones, essential for muscle recovery, are synthesized (like the GH hormone). In addition, lack of sleep can have adverse effects not only on muscle recovery but also on achieving the desired results as it enhances weight gain, makes it more difficult to lose fat and still influences your athletic performance.


Already enjoy and see our suggestions of protein shakes for after your workout. Simple and tasty, protein-rich tips essential for recovery and development of muscle mass as well as energy replenishment.